About Us


 Endeavor Mortgage was founded 17 years ago and our office is in beautiful Seal Beach, California. Almost all our growth and business comes from referrals. Our entire platform is based to serve the clients needs at the most affordable option possible. We know when we take care of our clients our brand will grow. We specialize in competitive prices, aggressive products, product knowledge, and understand each clients needs by listening to their unique situations. We offer all the tradition products, reverse mortgage, hard money, and alternative financing options. We have a dedicated team to make the loan process as easy as we can make it while complying with all the mortgage laws. Our entire mission statement is to help our clients get what they want and make them life long clients/friends. 

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A Collaborative Approach to Residential & Commercial Mortgage Lending Solutions


· Unique consultative approach vs transactional using 12 years plus experience as Financial Planner in the Banking Industry and 12 years plus experience in the mortgage industry

· Informative vs sales with focus on specific client needs: Collaborative  approach to mortgage resulting in creative cost efficient solutions

· Range of "One Stop Shop" Services saving clients time and money.                 

Mortgage Residential: Purchase, Refinance, Reverse Mortgage

Commercial: Purchase & Refinance  


· Established lender relationships and products that are not available elsewhere for self-employed and those establishing credit

· Established track record of excellence in Price, Process & Experience 

· Reputation of integrity, value, knowledge, creativity 


"Our success is based on establishing and maintaining our client's trust and confidence."